The CAT LITTER BOX Mystery Revealed

cat litter box

Are you searching for the best cat litter box? Has it become challenging to choose the best litter box for your cat? If yes, then worry no more.

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about cat litter box and will help you to choose the best one based on your requirements and suitability. So, let’s get started and explore the mystery behind a cat litter box.

What is a Cat Litter Box?

A cat litter box (also called a sandbox) is a box that is used to collect faeces and urine for cats and other such pets. A litter box is specially designed for those pets that are allowed to roam freely throughout the area but do not go out to excrete their metabolic waste.

These litter boxes play a vital role in improving the lifespan of the cats because they are less prone to poor weather conditions, traffic, or other such harmful diseases.

Types of Cat Litter Boxes

There are various types of cat litter boxes available in the market. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1.     Open Litter Pans

Open litter pans are the most common and most widely used litter boxes. They come with the most basic design and are available at an affordable price. Mostly these litter boxes are made of plastic material.

The best thing about open litter pans is that they allow maximum ventilation which enhances the comfort level of your cat.

The disadvantage of open litter boxes is that the waste is visible and the box does not trap the odor which urges the owners to scoop the box more frequently. Furthermore, litter pans that have low walls are not considered ideal for storing the litter when a cat scratches or digs.

2.     Hooded Litter Boxes

Hooded litter boxes are made of plastic boxes and are available at a moderate price. They feature a plastic dome that covers the litter box and the litter.

The cats enter the litter box through a litter box through an opening in the cover. These litter boxes are easy to clean. You just have to lift the cover off the scoop and change the litter.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is amongst the best-hooded litter pans. It provides privacy to your cat and also keeps the litter retained inside the pan. This litter box features a carbon filter that works to remove the odors. 

3.     Top-Entry Litter Boxes

Top entry litter boxes feature an opening on the top of the box. The cat has to climb on the top of the box and into the hole to eliminate the waste.

The advantage of this top-entry design is that it does not allow other pets or young children to enter into the litter.

Additionally, some designs feature a grate at the top, which allows litter from the cat’s paws to fall back into the box.

4.     Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

These litter boxes employ modern technology so that the box gets emptied automatically. These boxes use electric combing mechanisms which automatically scoops the clump out of the litter box into a specified disposable bag.

The box uses infrared light to identify when the cat has left the box, and then the box gets combed automatically.

Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Roll N Clean Self Separating Self Cleaning Litter Box is the best self-cleaning litter box. It contains a built-in “litter step” that catches litter as the cat exits. The litter box is made up of sturdy and durable sifting grill material.

5.     Disposable Litter Boxes

Disposable litter boxes are incredibly convenient to use and have gained a significant reputation in the recent past. They playa a vital role in odor control.

The best thing about these boxes is that they are disposable and do not require frequent cleaning or litter refills. Many disposable litter boxes come with a litter bag included. However, you can also choose your filler.

Once the disposable litter box has been used, you can simply dispose of both the things, i.e. a litter box and its contents.

Kitty Lounge Disposable Litter Tray, Black, Argee RG606 is one of the best disposable litter boxes for your cat. The litter box is easy to use and is odor free. It features convenient nesting trays. The box is made up of sturdy recycled plastic. You can use the litter of your choice in this litter box.

Best Cat Litter Boxes

Apart from some of the litter boxes discussed above, let’s talk about a few more we believe are the best cats litter boxes.

Van Ness Cat Pan

Van Ness Cat Pan litter box is ideal for cat owners who are interested in odor control. This litter box features an “odor door” with replaceable zeolite air filler. It eliminates the litter scatter. It comes in a standard rectangular shape or a corner shape if you need to save space.

The litter box is easy to clean and is both odor and stain-resistant. To get this litter box for your cat, click here.

Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box

It is a large capacity cat litter box that resembles clay pot in appearance. The litter box is made up of durable polypropylene. The plants and the part are nested in between the top and bottom section of the litter box.

To get this litter box, click here.

Cat Washroom Bench

This litter box hides all the litter messes and has a removable separation wall that creates an additional space to store the litter.

Click here to get this litter box for your cat right now.

Cat Litter Box Tips – Do’s & Don’ts of Litter


  • Scoop the Waste Daily
  • Clean the litter boxes frequently
  • Refill the box with fresh litter frequently


  • Neither flush the litter in the toilet nor empty it in the garden
  • Don’t use cleaning products with ammonia
  • Do not keep on switching the litter types more often
  • Do not place the boxes in an undesired area

Final Words

We hope this article was helpful for you in choosing the best litter boxes for your cat. Having realized the importance of litter box, get one for your cat right now. From the above list, choose the one that most suits your requirements, needs and your home.

Your Most Burning Questions About CAT LITTER

cat litter

Choosing the best cat litter is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot more effort to select the one from plenty of other options available in the market. As a cat owner, you must make sure to select the cat litter that most suits your cat’s requirements and enhances its comfort-ability.

That’s why we will provide a detailed guideline on choosing the best cat litter for your cat and will also suggest a few options for you so that your selection process becomes more comfortable.

So, stay attached to this article and read till the end so that it becomes easier for you to choose the litter that meets your cat’s requirements.

What is Cat Litter?

A cat litter box (also called sandbox) is a tray-type box or a litter pan, which is used as a collection box for the cat’s feces and urine. Cat litters are mostly made of plant-based materials such as corn or wheat. They offer more and enhanced options for disposal of the waste.

They are generally safer, particularly for kittens, and are available at an economical price.

In most of the cat, litters clay is used because it can absorb the liquid. Another advantage of using clay is that it can absorb its weight in cat urine. It is also useful in separating the urine effectively.

Furthermore, clay plays a vital role in controlling the odor as well. So, using sand is compulsory in a litter box.

Features to Consider While Buying an Ideal Cat Litter

When it becomes difficult for you to choose the best cat litter for your cat, then the best way is to make comparisons among the features of the best available cat litters in the market. Then choose the one that comes with the best features and most suits your requirements.

So, let’s have a look at the features that a Cat Litter should have in it.

1.      Controls the Odor

The best and most important feature that must be considered while buying a cat litter is its ability to control the odor. A cat owner must set the odor control at the top of its priority list. That’s good not only for the owners but is equally suitable for the cats as well.

An uncontrolled odor is one of the primary reasons due to which the cats refuse to use their litter boxes. So, while buying the car litter, opt to go for the one that is best in odor control.

2.      Offers Good Clumping

Another noteworthy feature of cat litter is that it provides good clumping. It means that the litter combines with the cat urine to form hard lumps, which can be scooped out quickly.

That’s how a clumping litter controls the odor in a better way as compared to non-clumping ones. Hence, the stronger the clumping power better the odor control.

Furthermore, it makes the dumping process much more relaxed, because scooping a litter box daily is more comfortable as compared to dumping and replacing contents every week.

3.      Produces Low Dust

A suitable cat litter must produce low dust. A notable disadvantage of clumping clay litter is that it creates a lot of dust, which is not suitable for both i.e., the cats as well as humans.

This dust spreads all over the area as the cat carries it through its paws to the entire house. Hence, consider buying the litter that produces minimum dust, for example, crystal litters produce minimal or no dust.

4.      Granular Size

A cat litter comes in its various granular sizes, such as coarse and fine. Both of these have their advantages. A fine-textured litter is suitable for the cats, which offers a softer feel on their paws. Whereas, coarser litters are considered safe for kittens, which are under three months old because such kittens my inhale or swallow finer-grained litters.

5.      Comes at A Reasonable Cost

Cost is another crucial factor to consider while buying a cat litter. It’s the cost that makes the clumping litter the best option to consider because it is available at an economical price.

Another vital factor that you must consider while buying the cat litter is the duration of time after which you change the litter. For example, a cheap litter that you change every weekend up, costing you more in the long run than a litter that keeps working for a month or so.

The Best Cat Litters

Having read all the features of the best cat litters, let’s now discuss some of the best cat litters that you can choose for your cats.

1.      Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter is a dust-free, hypo-allergenic natural litter that keeps your surfaces neat, clean, and tidy. This is a medium-grained hard clumping litter that helps to prevent moisture.

It offers superior odor control and keeps the area fresh and free from smell. This is the best litter for mechanical litter boxes and makes it easier for you to dispose of the waste.

So, if you are interested in buying Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter, then click here to proceed.

2.      Arm & Hammer Platinum Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter

This litter is also dust-free and offers hard clumping for easy scooping. The litter contains a powerful moisture-activated odor neutralizer along with Arm & Hammer baking Soda crystals, which destroy the urine feces odors on contact.

To buy this litter for your cat, click here.

3.      Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter is another dust-free litter which also offers immediate odor control. It provides intense clumping action, which makes the scooping easy.

To get this litter, click here.

4.      Cat’s Pride Fresh Ultimate Care Lightweight Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Litter

This hypo-allergenic odor control litter helps in destroying the toughest litter box odors and deliver a long-lasting freshness to the cats. It comes with a highly absorbent clay that traps the moisture quickly and forms strong clumping, which is extremely easy to dispose of.

To get this litter for your cat, click here.

5.      Cat’s Pride Drawstring Jumbo Litter Box Liners

Cat’s Pride Drawstring Jumbo Litter Box Liners is a dust-free litter that provides ultimate care and protection to your cats. You can get this litter by clicking here.

Final Words

We hope this article helped us understand the features of cat litter and then buying the best cat litter for your cat. Consider all the factors discussed above while purchasing the best cat litter and for your cat.

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Grooming

cat grooming

Cat grooming is an essential requirement to ensure that the cat stays happy and relaxed. Cat grooming usually involves trimming its nails, bathing, performing activities to keep its fur, eyes, hair, and teeth healthy and clean. Cat grooming is necessary because it is quite evident that a clean cat is a happy cat.

Cats Are Self-Grooming

Most of the cats take real pride in their appearance and hence, are self-grooming, and they opt to keep themselves clean and tidy. However, some cats find it difficult to groom themselves. That’s because these cats have fleas and long fur. Hence, these cats require proper grooming, and the owners have to ensure that they remain clean and tidy.

Contrarily, some cats aren’t used to the grooming process. These cats show resistance if any grooming activity is tried upon them. So, to avoid and injury or a mishap, you must consult a professional veterinarian and ask him to groom your cat.

Here in this guide, we will provide detailed guidance on how you can groom your cats and will also discuss some of the benefits of cat grooming.

Benefits of Cat Grooming

Let’s enlist some of the benefits of cat grooming

  • Grooming your cat helps in preventing the formation of hairballs which can lead to intestinal blockages
  • Cat grooming helps you to identify fleas, ear mites, lumps or bumps
  • Grooming your cat improves its muscle tone and also stimulates the skin to produce oils that give their coat a healthy shine
  • It strengthens the bond between you and your cat
  • Cat grooming keeps your cat clean and tidy

How to Groom Cats?

Having read all the benefits of cat grooming, you might now be interested in grooming your cat. Here we have listed a complete guideline on cat grooming that will make the grooming easier for you.

1.    Brush Your Cat’s Fur

Usually, the cats groom their fur. However, brushing their coat will keep it clean, free from dirt, grease, and other such filthy stuff. Brushing your cat’s coat will keep the cat relaxed as a result of which the bonding between you and your cat will enhance.

However, make sure to brush slowly so that the cat does not show any resistance. Once the brushing process is complete, you can treat your cats with their best food 

You can use specific brushes for this purpose. One such brush for the grooming of your cat’s fur can be purchased by clicking here. This brush is incredibly helpful for removing mats and tangles.

Furthermore, you can also use pet grooming brushing gloves to brush away any dirt and loose hair from the cat’s skin. You can purchase a pair of such pet grooming gloves by clicking here.

2.    Trim the Cat’s Fur

To give an attractive look to your cat, you must frequently trim its fur. The cat might not feel comfortable when it comes to trimming their fur. However, this must be done because the long fur may cause health problems for your cat.

Use professional and specially designed clippers for this purpose. Also, take frequent pauses so that you don’t end up burning the cat’s skin.

If you aren’t experienced in this process, then consider hiring a professional cat groomer to do this job for you.

The thick and long hair is referred to as a fur coat. You can Chom Chom Roller to remove your cat’s hair, especially from the couches, beds, comforters as well as blankets.   

3.    Bathe Your Cat

It would help if you bathed your cat occasionally to give her a feel of relaxation and comfort-ability. Bathing will keep her clean and tidy and will remove sticky dust from its body.

Bath your cat when she is most mellow. Also, trim her claws, brush her fur. Don’t forget to place a piece of cotton in its ears before the bath to minimize the risk of getting scratched.

Fill up the sink up to 3-4 inches with lukewarm water and put a rubber mat in that sink so that the cat does not slip.

Place your cat in the sink and massage it using a shampoo. Avoid putting shampoo in its eyes, ear, and face. Rinse the cat with lukewarm water and, finally, wipe her face with a cloth.

Wrap it in a towel and let her dry in a warm place. Once the cat has taken a bath peacefully, treat her with some good food as a reward for its patience.

4.    Clip the Cat’s Nails

Get a professional nail clipper to cut the nails of your cat. You can use Casfuy Grinder to cut the nails of your cat. This clipper uses an advanced Diamond Bit Grinder to ensure safe and comfortable pet claw grinding.

It is recommended by veterinarians and many other pet grooming professionals. The tool helps to trim your cat’s nails painlessly and precisely with utmost comfort-ability. Initially, your cat might feel uncomfortable getting used to this tool and passing the nail cutting process, so you have to be careful in making sure that it does not get hurt.

5.    Monitor Your Cats Ears and Eyes

Get a routine checkup of your cat’s eyes and ears. These both are susceptible organs of their body. Make sure to take your cats to a veterinarian for a thorough checkup at least once a year.

Also, in between the vet visits, you must check your cat’s ear monthly for wax, debris, or infection. During the examination, make sure that the ear flap has no bald spots and that its inner surface is clean and light pink.

If any debris is found, you can wipe it away by a cotton ball dampened in a liquid cat ear cleaning solution.

Similarly, monitor your cat’s eyes to ensure that they are clear, bright, and free of any swelling or redness. These symptoms are a sign of the presence of an infection. If found, consult the veterinarian instantly.


So, the outcome of the above discussion is that cat grooming is essential to maintain the cat’s overall health. It helps to keep the cat’s clean and tidy and free from any diseases.

Use professional cat grooming tools to ensure cat grooming and also take it to the veterinarian at least once in a week for a thorough checkup.

The Secrets to CAT TEETH

The Secrets to CAT TEETH

We all love pets and spending our leisure time with them. As we cat lovers know, felines are among the most loved pets in homes across the world.

However, keeping pets is one thing, and taking care of them is another. Even the most low maintenance pet, like a cat, places demands on us as owners as they can be vulnerable to diseases and health issues. If you are one of those who loves to keep cats as a pet, then this article is worth reading. We highlight all the secrets you need to know regarding your cat’s teeth to ensure you keep their teeth healthy, clean and strong.

Helpful Information Regarding Cat Teeth

The inside of a cat’s mouth is nothing else than a mystery to humans as we avoid being nipped by sharp teeth. However, staying on top of the condition of your cat’s teeth is necessary to maintain the overall health and wellness of your pet.

Dr. Dan Carmichael, who is a board-certified veterinary dentist at NYC’s medical center, explains that cats are born without teeth just like humans. Their baby teeth start coming out when they are about two weeks old.

After about three months, the baby teeth start falling out to make room for their permanent, or adult, teeth. If properly taken care of, the cat’s adult teeth last for their entire life.

How Many Teeth Does a Cat Have?

We all know that cats have very sharp teeth. Their teeth are sharp enough to pierce through your skin and cause severe damage. Cats usually have 30 teeth in total. Fourteen are in the lower jaw and 16 in the upper jaw. The cat also has four molars at the back of its mouth.

The teeth that are the most important ones are the four canines, which are very sharp and long. Cats do not chew their food because their molars are not flat. So, instead of crushing their food, they simply eat it.

Diseases Associated to Cat’s Teeth

Like humans, cat’s teeth are also vulnerable to diseases such as gum disease, oral inflammation, and oral cancer. They are also prone to a severe condition called tooth resorption. These conditions can be quite painful for your beloved cats.

Hence, it becomes necessary for the owner to clean the cat’s teeth regularly. Let’s find out how you can clean your cat’s teeth and what products are best for cleaning purposes.

Cat Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your cat’s teeth is essential for maintaining healthy and strong teeth. Cleaning and brushing your cat’s teeth with a specially pet-designed brush regularly can prevent the buildup of bacteria, which causes severe dental conditions.

Brushing your cat’s teeth might feel a challenging task for you. However, it is not that difficult. You can train yourself as well as your cats to get their teeth cleaned with patience.

How to Clean the Clean the Cat’s Teeth?

Let’s now discuss a complete procedure to clean your cat’s teeth.

1.    Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian

If you prefer, and can afford it, you can take your cat to a professional Veterinarian. They will let you know if your cat has a buildup of plaque or tartar.

Plaque may be cleaned by careful brushing, but tartar requires the use of specific tools that are only available at the Veterinarian’s clinic. The Veterinarian will also describe the overall oral health of your cat’s teeth and will recommend the best products that can be used safely for teeth cleaning.

2.    Purchase the Cat Teeth Cleaning Products

The essential cat teeth cleaning products include a specially designed toothbrush for cleaning the cat’s teeth and a pet-safe toothpaste.

Never opt to use human toothpaste because they contain fluoride, which is toxic to cats. Also, be careful while choosing the toothpaste because a toothpaste containing xylitol as a sweetener in it can be deadly to the cat.

You can purchase a pet dental kit, which contains the right toothbrush and toothpaste by clicking here.

3.    Place Your Cat on a Comfortable Surface

Placing your cat on a comfortable surface helps it to stay relaxed during the teeth cleaning process. You can also wrap it in a towel to avoid any scratches if it tries to run away.

4.    Introduce Your Cat to the Tooth Paste and the Tooth Brush

Allowing your cat to interact with the toothbrush and the toothpaste will make it more comfortable and ready for the cleaning process. Put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and nicely introduce it to your cat. Make sure that the cat stays relaxed and does not get panicked.

To make the process easier for the cat, you can also put a little bit of toothpaste on your finger and let the cat lick it.

Allowing the cat to interact with the brush and the paste for at least once a day for 2-3 days before actually starting the actual cleaning process will make it easier for them to get used to the tools before use.

5.    Start the Teeth Cleaning Process

Once the cat gets used to the dental kit, now you can start the teeth cleaning process. Make sure to acclimate the paste gently along with the gum and teeth.

It will take 30 seconds to 1 minute to brush your cat’s teeth.

6.    Reward Your Cat with Healthy Food

Once the teeth cleaning process is complete, and your cat has patiently cooperated with you throughout the cleaning process, you should reward your cat with healthy food at the end.

However, if you felt that the cat was reluctant throughout the process, do not offer it a treat as it can reinforce a negative image in its mind regarding the toothbrush and toothpaste.

If this happens, then in the future, the cat would assume that she would only be rewarded once she stays away from these cleaning tools.

To ensure that your cat’s teeth stay healthy, you should aim to brush its teeth at least twice in a week

Alternatives to Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

After putting all the effort in, if you still feel your cat is reluctant to the brushing or you struggle with time, then you can include cat dental treats as part of its diet. One such treat is the Feline Greenies Natural Dental care cat treat.

There are also some dental care solutions available that are great for eliminating cat’s bad breath. These solutions also fight tartar, plaque, and gum disease. They are simple to use and can be applied by simply adding them to your cat’s water. One such dental care solution is the oxy-fresh premium.

Final Words

Cat teeth cleaning is essential for maintaining the overall health and wellness of your cat. If you are fond of keeping cats at home, then develop a habit of cleaning its teeth regularly. We hope the above information helped make the cat teeth cleaning process more manageable and we have removed the mystery for you.